🔎 Overview

Reflex in Hacktoberfest is a collaboration with the community with the goal to improve the quality of Reflex Apps. Through this program, we hope to empower and recognize veteran and newcomers alike!

⚙️ How it works

To get started contributing to Reflex, review the apps categories to build in.

🙋 Why join the hackathon?

🎉 Rewards & Recognition 📓 Learning & Community 🤝 Collaboration
1. 1st prize in each category will win a $100 prize with 2nd place taking $50.
  1. Free hosting for a month for all web apps submitted.

  2. The first x fully finished apps submitted and approved will win swag and recognition in our project repo. | Contributing is a great way to level up your skills and share your knowledge with your peers. | Join zoom calls with the team and work collaboratively to solve issues and plan/implement apps. |

📰 App Categories:

Dashboard and Data Visualization apps

Admin Panel and Interactive Database apps

AI apps

Miscellaneous apps

Untitled Database